When it comes to preparing the repertoire for each classic music concert, our philosophy is bearing in mind the occasion and the audience that will attend.

As a result of it and our experience as musicians, we present a designed program for your thematic concerts. These programs can be chosen without changes if that is what you are looking for, but they can also be a source of inspiration or a starting point for the concert you had already planned.

Scherzo ensayando para ceremonias

Don Juanes and princesses, movie-like loves

Movie soundtracks give most of us goose bumps: one way or another, they always make us recall great love stories, and wear our emotions on our sleeve. Ready...? 1, 2, 3… Action!


Around the world in 5 lines

We invite you on a trip. Close your eyes, open your ears and mind, and give in to the sound, rhythm and colors of each country. A journey around the world in 5 lines.


Chiaroscuro: Barroque lights and shadows

Dive in with us in one of the most fascinating and sparkling periods of history and go through more than 100 years of music with composers like Purcell, Bach y Haendel.


Fly not: Cervantes

"Fly not, cowards and vile beings, for a single knight attacks you" Just like wind makes the windmill's blades move, so does music with us. But don't worry, Don Quixote, we are not giants!


Christmas concerts

Nothing better than warming up with some music. The best of our repertoire with a hint of Christmas music.


Passion music

Silence and music: two concepts so opposite that together, in Easter, can take us to the peak of spirituality.


Didactic concerts

Who said classical music was boring? When Scherzo was born, we wanted its name to define su nombre what, for us, is the essence of music: a joke, a game; juego, broma, in short, something funny. And, if anybody knows about fun, undoubtedly are kids.


Spanish music concert

A melting pot of cultures, Spain has been a constant source of inspiration for outstanding composers, resulting in melodies and rhythms of unique beauty.


You are a click away from discovering all our music! In this section you will find all our concert repertoire classified by music genre: Film Soundtracks, Modern, Barroque, Classicism, Romanticism and Folk.

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In this section you will find the original concert repertoire for the woodwind quintet or all of the thorough adaptations for the formation of quintet with a soprano.

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As much as we can try, some things cannot only be described by words! That is why we have created for you a multimedia section with audios so you can hear most of our repertoire.

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